General General Esther building a snowman This is my sister, not me. It was taken on February 2, 2009 during the awful (on-going) weather in the UK. 25764106 Esther standing still in the snow. This was also taken on February 2, 2009, during the awful wintry showers of February 2009. 25764084 My garden covered in snow. Compared to a lot of people, probably nothing. This was taken on February 2, 2009. 25764108 Esther leaning against some plastic garden table thingy. This was taken... surprise... February 2, 2009. 25764127 Me (left), David (middle) and Esther (right) Taken in September 1996 (I was 6, David was 5 and Esther was 1). 28699211